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Mobile Tower Crane

Mobile Tower Cranes are ideal for using at construction sites for building tower, bridges and building. These are provided in different model number MTC 3625 and 2418. They are light in weight, portable and can be shifted easily from one place to another. The tower cranes have 7.5 mt and 18.5 mt lifting height to reach at the place with proper position. In addition to this, tower cranes can load upto 1600kg weight. Mobile Tower Cranes are operated by remote control pad which can be folded and erected automatically. The tower cranes are weather resistant and highly tensile in strength. Offered, mobile cranes are equipped with four cylinder diesel and have water cooling system that help in increasing 2300 rpm high speed. Moreover, tower cranes have 360 degree pneumatic tryes which can easily move on terrain surface.

Features :

1) These are compact and portable in design.
2) The tower cranes are fully automatic in drive.
3) They are widely used for providing support to the building structures.
4) These cranes have 25 km approx traveling speed.