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Ace follows strict international laws and standards in all its operations. As an ISO 9001 Certified company, Ace lives up to its standards by maintaining high level of efficiency and quality in design, development, procurement, manufacturing, testing, installation and product support. 

1) We provide a prolific array of construction equipment.
2) High variable output of  ACE's products generate swifter cycle time, increased judicial usage of resources and results.
3) ACE provide s you with easy to maintain, sturdy, expense satisfying modern equipment without burning a hole in your pocket.
4) Product Support provided by ACE is unrivaled in its quick response as it is backed by a spider-web of dealers and offices well stacked up with authentic components and trained engineers.
5) ACE further, offers Tailor-made solutions for particular requirements.
6) ACE believes in the ever present possibility to improve. Seasoned R&D experts work constantly to stay up to tune with latest products, upgrade products and value engineering.
7) ACE's training centre in Faridabad gives operating plus maintenance training to customer personnel. Courses to elevate operator and engineer capacities have been placed at regular intervals of time phases.


In March 2013 the Chief Minister of Haryana launched the Ace emergency Response Service Trust. It delivers an Emergency Response Service via a sole Toll free number 1800-1800-009 round the clock, seven days a week (24x7) to the residents of Palwal and Faridabad districts. 

Ambulances armed with modern equipment ranging from basic to advance and being handled by experienced  personnel are available to provide urgent services to the people of Palwal and Faridabad. Medical Technicians or EMT(Emergency medicine Technicians) are well versed with basic first-aid & life support,cardiac life support (Including advanced support) and trauma life support procedures. The complete service operated through a tailor-made software has a committed command and control base centered in Palwal, Haryana.