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Combine Harvester

Our Combine Harvesters are designed to enhance your productivity. They show a right mix of power, efficiency. Also, there are advanced threshing, separating & cleaning implements. Our innovative harvesting technology offers ease of use and high durability. It comprises advance drive, monitoring and control systems. Our engineered Combine Harvesting Machine efficiently harvest various grain crops. These are versatile, reliable and economically essential machines. We help farmers for outstanding farm productivity, and ensure higher output. The crops harvested, are wheat, barley, oats, soybeans, and others.


1) Combining separate operations like reaping, threshing, and separation etc.
2) Work efficiently in most fields 
3) Low maintenance cost
4) Maximum ground clearance and minimal grain loss
5) High operational efficiency and long-term durability
Product Image (ACW101)

ACW101 Combine Harvester

Specifications :

  • Engine Power : 101 HP
  • Cutter Bar Width : 4600 MM
  • Threshing Drum Diameter : 600 MM
  • Grain Tank Capacity : 2.1 Cu.M.
  • Straw Walker Length : 3800 MM

Product Image (ACT-60)

ACT-60 Combine Harvester

Specifications :

  • Engine Power : 62 HP
  • Cutter Bar Width : 7 Feet
  • Threshing Drum Diameter : 460 MM
  • Cleaning Area : 1.6 Sq.Mt.
  • Grain Tank Capacity : 1210 Lts.